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August 29, 2013 – 01:00

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Solar Laptop Charger Solar Laptop Charger

Environmental protection, green energy technology industry development trends, Dr.Solar with "unlimited power, derived from the sun" concept, the combination of solar energy and lifestyle applications, refined and elegant style design gives solar charger fresh style, was favored by business people.
The new Dr.Solar "Solar Laptop Charger Solar Laptop Charger" planning and design for the United States, Taiwan's manufacturing production. 太陽能、市電或車充 等三種方式蓄電, 支援iPhone等各式手機、PDA、PSP、NDSL、iPod、iPad、MP3、GPS、數位相機、筆電等3C電子行動裝置 ,是居家、旅遊、商務時的最佳能源伴侶。 With five-stage power output hole (5V, 9V, 12V, 16V, 19V), built-in 16000mAh high capacity lithium battery, through solar energy, mains or car charger storage in three ways, support iPhone and other kinds of mobile phone, PDA, PSP, NDSL, iPod, iPad, MP3, GPS, digital cameras, laptops and other mobile devices 3C electronics, home, travel, business on the best energy partner.


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Why all the frowning on livein aboard a boat?

I have "lived" on my boat for several months before and I spend 3nights/4days a week on it 9 months of the year and it's not a problem at all. And my boat is only a 27' sailboat.
I power everything off of one solar panel. I power a laptop, kick butt stereo, DVD player and screen, lights, chargers (cell phones, batteries, etc) Sirius radio, fans, etc.
This solar panel charges my house and engine battery banks. The house bank is two batteries and the engine bank is one battery. I NEVER plug into shore power.
I pay $80 bucks a month for the slip fee, there's a onsite restaurant and nice clean restrooms with private showers

CODA to Provide Energy Storage for Solar Integrated Electric Vehicle Fast ..  — Sacramento Bee
Fast charging stations with integrated solar panels typically rely on grid power – even when the sun is shining – as the power needs of the vehicles and chargers often exceed the output of the solar array.

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